Professional Puppet, Kids on The Block

This puppet has an Hearing Aid

Easter Seals Central PA is selling all there Kid on the Block Puppets

About the Kids on The Block Puppets

The Kids on the Block uses "hand and rod" puppets. This means that one hand works the mouth of the puppet and the other hand manipulates the rod for gestures. The puppets are 3 to 4 feet tall. Some of the puppets have a disability and use aids that make their character distinctive and realistic. Each puppet is hand-made in the USA. We pride ourselves in the superior quality and workmanship of these hand crafted puppets.

The style of puppetry used by The Kids on the Block is based on a Japanese style of puppetry called Bunraku (Boon-rah-koo).

Kids on the Block puppets are manipulated in much the same way. However, only one puppeteer is needed to operate each "hand and rod" puppet. The puppeteer, dressed in black, stands behind the puppet with one hand in the puppet's head. The other hand manipulates the puppet's arm using the black hand-rods. This style of puppetry is extremely effective in creating an atmosphere where children feel comfortable asking the puppets questions about the given topic. As in Japanese Bunraku puppet theater, the puppeteers seem to disappear when the program is performed properly.

Payment can be made via person check or call Easter
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