Rare Program Dedication of Soldiers and Sailors Home Theodore Roosevelt 1903

Rare Program featuring President Theodore Roosevelt at the dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Rockford Illinois on June 3, 1903. The 6x9 program features colorful American falgs on the cover surrounding a picture of the President and the new Memorial Hall. I n February 1903, Mr. J.B. Whitehead, representing the hall and the County Board, extended an invitation to dedicate the building to the sitting President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. On June 3 the president arrived in Rockford via train, which was met by a reception committee of leading citizens from Winnebago County and Rockford. He and his party were transported by open carriages to Memorial Hall. Entering from the east side of the building, facing the Carnegie Library and the Rock River, Roosevelt took a moment to inspect and admire the interior of the building before exiting to deliver his dedication speech.

The president told his listeners that, "No more fitting memorial could be erected to the memory of the men who fought, than a hall such as this - a hall beautiful because of the uses to which it is consecrated." Afterward, he raised a flag which had been flown on the Milwaukee -class vessel USS Winnebago during the Civil War. With the ceremony concluded, the presidential party returned to their carriages and took a roundabout way back to
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