Programmable USB Foot Switch

Programmable USB Foot Switch as Keyboard or Mouse

This device is a USB HID compliant foot switch, which behaves like a keyboard or mouse. It supports all key codes that defined by USB specification, including modifier keys such as ALT, CTRL, SHIFT. It uses the OS built-in HID drivers. So, t is no driver to load.

It comes with a small program. You can configure it via this software. The Foot Switch Software is a program with a graphical user interface, which provides a simple method of interacting with the Foot Switch. In mouse mode, you can assign the Foot Switch to left, middle or right mouse button. In keyboard mode, you can assign the Foot Swtitch to any key in PC keyboard. For example, as "Up Arrow" for gas pedal in any car race game or as "Space" with repeat mode for serial shooting in any FPS game or musicians can use it for page turning. In repeat mode, device can press a assigned key 500 times per second for you. Of course, you can change this frequency via its software. Also, it supports to multiple key assignation up to 29 keys. For example, 1 and 8 keys combination for Asas Minor or WRS3SR3 keys combination for Warrior in Knight Online.

Usage of Foot Switch is very simple. It has a only one switch for selecting "Work" or "Program" mode. You must select "Program" mode via this switch, when you will change
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