Prohibition Whiskey RX Prescription From Krause's KY

This ornate Prohibition prescription is from Krause's Drug Store which was located at 10th and Madison in Covington, Kentucky. Krause's Drug Store opened for business in 1899, and closed in 1998. During Prohibition, druggist Clifford Krause kept his drug store open for business almost all hours and days, including Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Of course, the only way to LEGALLY obtain alcohol during Prohibition (1920-1933) was with a physician's prescription. "MEDICINAL" WHISKEY could be prescribed for a variety of ills. We have a feeling that most prescriptions for whiskey during this time were with a wink and a nod, if you know what we mean! OLD MAN KRAUSE, as he was known in the neighborhood, had no problem filling as many of these as the customers could bring to him. Many pharmacists, especially across the river in Cincinnati, Ohio, refused to fill Prohibition whiskey prescriptions. They would refer their customers over the Ohio river to Krause's Drug Store in Covington, Kentucky. OLD MAN KRAUSE did not buy all his whiskey through legal channels, either. We found an old still in the basement of the drug store. It was in a hidden side room that was about 10'x10'. This is w the name BOOTLEG DRUG STORE comes in! The basement of the drug store had retained its dirt floor and stone foundation walls. It also had a hand-crank ... read more