Projector to Computer(VGA+USB Flash) Cable:210-0232-xx for InFocus LP70, LP70+

Projector to Computer (VGA and USB Presenter/Flash) Analog Cable for Infocus LP70 or LP70+

This is a 3'rd party cable directly replace 210-0232-xx

This cable connects one end to the projector and the other 2 connector ends to a PC's VGA port (otherwise known as HD15, DE15, DSUB, or D-SUB) as well as a USB port. The USB component allows the use of a wireless presenter. The projector firmware may be reprogrammed with the USB connection.

Connector 1 to Projector: Male
Connector 2 to computer: One HD15(D-SUB, VGA) Male and One USB Type A Male

Length: 6 feet