SINCE 1992 Ebay since 1998 12th Year On Ebay BEFORE BIDDING READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION AND TERMS. You are bidding on : 10 items selected from mixed lot of USA coins shown ; and for every 100 bags sold we toss in a gold coin. Gold coin may be USA, World, Token or Medal. This bag will have AT LEAST "10 items " THEY MAY BE: coins, silver coins, proof sets/mint sets, commemoratives, special sets, single proofs, mint coins, dollars, eagles, bullion bars/rounds or collectible coins selected from our vast inventory. Most lots will have a proof or mint set which will bring the total number of coins to 15 or more. Lot will be a nice mix of denominations, uncirculated coins, proof and silver coins, or US type coins and possibly a great find. We suggest you look closely at your purchase for key dates, error coins, full bands, full bell lines. Picture is representative of our inventory which changes frequently. You are NOT purchasing all the items pictured. GOLD COINS FOUND 49 TIMES THIS YEAR 2010 GOLD COINS FOUND 94 TIMES IN (2009) ALSO, 650 GR. OF GOLD FLAKES GIVEN AWAY GOLD FLAKES INCLUDED IN EVERY BAG 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ON EVERYTHING WE SELL IMPORTANT INFORMATION OUR TERMS Contact and Payment Information We will attempt to answer any inquiry ASAP. However, we are not open 24/7. Also, we attend numerous
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