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ANCIENT STONE attributed to Egyptian legends of the natural all seeing eye.

THE EYES OF THE MYSTICS ARE HERE TO HOLD and awaken to ancient teachers long lost many centuries in the past. Reawaken to new truth and sacred knowledge that will be remembered. The eyes of Horus, eyes of Buddha and the all seeing EYE is found in many teachings of the shamanic cultures which transcend time. If you study Egyptian mythology and like to work with the deities from Egypt then this is a special stone tool in the right hands. If you are Buddhist or study shamanism from the Tibetan plateau than you may feel a close bond to the tradition Buddhist master. As you closely examine this stone you may see the worn image of the natural EYE united with another eye on the front and back of the stone. Where the front of the stone rests the image of The Eye of Horus of the Egyptian priest stylized spirit guardian symbol may be seen and that inner, outer and secret face of the spirit can be seen in the center of the main wisdom Horus eye.

EYE OF HORUS was believed to be used for the control of SUN and MOON energy. To empower strength to conquer obstacles . To empower wealth control of good luck forces. To help win battles and that is why it was placed on so many temples in the past.

Suggested uses including keeping near you while you
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