This stainless steel bracelet is great because you can leave it on all of the time.GOOD FOR ANKLES too.Size is 8 & 1/2" and can be sized down so it can be adjusted to fit any most size wrist or ankle.This bracelet has gold accents in the middle . SEE PICTURES FOR DETAILS. THANKS FOR LOOKING. This item really works and will help you as it does me.Thanks for looking. I am an authorized distributor for this item. Geek Stuff The science behind our products.

The Bionic Band® family of products differentiating factor is its “Proton Alignment Resonance Technology” (P.A.R.T.™), which aligns the protons of the nucleus of base minerals (metal, glass, and much more) at a subatomic level. A state of the art system aligns all the protons of the mineral content in The Bionic Band® family of products to spin (or resonate/vibrate) the same way. Once this “imprinted” material comes in close contact with a body of water (humans are about 70% water), all the protons in your body "mimic" the protons in the imprinted material. This causes every proton in every cell your body to work together as a team. Users of The Bionic Band® family of products will feel a dramatic, powerful, and instant difference in their strength, balance, and energy. In simple terms The Bionic Band® family

Energy We are consistently asked, “Why do I feel so much energy when wearing the band?” The answer is simple: When all of your protons are lined up they are no longer fighting each other, which means that they are now holding a great deal of energy. This proton-aligned state also stimulates the mitochondria in your cells. This principal is exactly the same reason an MRI works. An MRI affects the protons as well, but it uses a large magnet to line them all up. This is not when they take the picture however. They switch (or pulse) the magnet off, which then allows your protons to relax and release the energy they were holding. It’s this energy release that creates the image on the MRI screen. That’s a lot of energy! Now imagine, when you wear the Bionic Band®, we are also lining up your protons, not with a magnet, but with a simple frequency (or vibration). This is why you feel much more energy when wearing the Bionic Band® family of products.

Bionic Stainless Steel Bracelets are attractive pieces of high quality jewelry that have been imprinted with a frequency between 7 and 9 Hz. Consumers who wear the Bionic Bracelet will feel an immediate and dramatic increase in energy, balance, and strength.
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Q: Do these bracelets work like the Bionic Band® Original?
A: Yes! The Bionic Bracelets works exactly like our Bionic Band® Original.
Q: Does the Bionic Bracelet have to be snug like the Bionic Band® Original?
A: No. The entire Bionic Bracelet has been imprinted, so it does not matter if you wear it snug or loose.
Q: What kind of warranty does the Bionic Bracelet come with?
A: Just like the Bionic Band® Original, these come with a 30-day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on the imprinted material.
Q: Does the Bionic Bracelet work for pain relief too?
A: Although no major studies have been completed in regards to this subject, we are having tremendous ...

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