Provincetown Artist 1960's LARGE WATERCOLOR Old Gothic Home Rainy Day JOHN HARE

1908-1978 John Cuthbert Hare Provincetown Artist.. This is my cousins and I am trying to help her tidy up her Cape Cod house a bit. She has far too much stuff and now that she is in her 70's she needs to regroup .. ANyway she bought this she says in the 60's right from the artist as she spent much time in P'Town. This is a VERY LARGE ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR .. Dimensions are 17 1/2 x 22 With frame 24 1/2 x 29 All Measurements Approximate. The scoop is she thinks this is very valuable both monetarily and sentimentally, so I cannot start this out at my usual low price. Hare pictures do well at auction here as well. So this is make an offer. Thanks much for your interest. Also this will need to be professional shipped or picked up. I do not know what it will be but I wil bring it to the shipping store, get a price and then send you an invoice on it. KNow though the tit will be the ACTUAL cost, nothing more, but I am pretty sure you will need to figure 60 bucks and perhaps more. Thanks much for your interest, and again this is LARGE and a neat subject me thinks. Perfectly apropos for today as it is raining out right now.