PSA 2.5 - 1927 E210 York Caramel #53 Edd Eddie Roush Cin. Reds/NY Giants

A PSA graded GOOD+ 2.5 – 1927 E210 York Caramel TYPE 1 card of Hall of Famer Edd “Eddie” Roush of the New York Giants. Roush was traded from the Cincinnati Reds to Giants before the 1927 season and the photo still has him pictured wearing a Reds uniform.

This example has bold printing, nice centering and relatively clean borders. The corners have fairly even wear, with the exception of a ding on the upper right corner. There is a very light diagonal crease (approx. 1” long) near the upper left corner that extends from the left edge to the top edge. There is also a vertical crease (approx. 1” long) that extends from the bottom edge, upward through the card number and into the photo. Neither of the creases break the paper and do not appear to go through to the back. There is a fairly large printing imperfection on the right border and the ink is fairly heavy on the bottom portion of the photo. Just to the left of the print imperfection, there is a small “bubble” in the cardboard. There is also some light toning on the edges of the card on both sides, but the card still displays fairly well for the grade. Aside from the toning, the back is fairly clean with bold printing.

This card would be a great addition to any collection!