Publicity Tour - Hollywood Movie Star Collection

Happy Birthday, Barbie

What better way to celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday than to add this doll to your collection

Hollywood Movie Star Collection

"Publicity Tour"

Fourth in a Series

New in Box - Mint

The Hollywood Movie Star Collection portrays the thrilling career and dramatic personal life of legendary film star, Barbie doll. Each doll in this sensational collection captures an exciting moment in her life as a famous Hollywood star.

The press couldn't get enough of Barbie as she charmed her way through the barrage of questions asked at the much anticipated press event held in her hone today at her favorite hotel. Looking sensational ina classic houndstooth check suit with attached long coral pink scarf trimed faux mink, Hollywood's favorite movie star smiled warmly when asked about the surprise ending of her latest film. "Oh I wouldn't want to spoil it for you," she teased. "I can only say it's one of the most exciting films I've ever done and I hope you enjoy it."