Pueblo Pottery by Westley Begay - Mimbres Antelope

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Westly Begay

Mimbres Antelope

9" H x 8 1/4" D

Westly Begaye was born in 1965 into the the Navajo Nation. He later married into the Acoma Pueblo and was inspired to continue the family tradition of working with clay from the late Marie Francis Vallo (wife).

Marie taught Westly all the fundamentals of hand coiling Acoma styled pottery. He was also inspired by another fine artist by the name of Jorome Tiger, a Native American artist from Oklahoma, who is a fine painter.

Westly has been working with art since the age of 12. However, he has been working with pottery since 1994.

He specializes in the handmade and hand painted Acoma style of pottery. However, he combines a contemporary flare to his pottery. He paints many different traditional designs, kokopelli (god of fertility), animals, and mimbres designs. He works with handmade pottery and ceramic pottery.

Westly's experience with crossing cultures and continuing
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