PUFNSTUFF OST Jack Wild Mama Cass Psych Fantasy Hear!

isnw_ecp Condition of Jacket/Cover: VG, ring and surface wear Condition of Vinyl Record: VG++Web review of the CD reissue Filled with bulbous friendly dragons, talking flutes, and vindictive witches, Sid & Marty Kroft's Pufnstuf was pretty trippy on the television screen, so it's not a surprise that on record it was also quite psychedelic -- not the heavy kind of psychedelia, the kind with fuzzed-out guitars and acid nightmares, but the kind of breezy, sunny psychedelic pop that wormed its way into the mainstream toward the end of the '60s. The curious thing about the soundtrack to Pufnstuf is that it's halfway between the slick sunshine pop coming out of Hollywood and the quirky, precious British variation -- and not just because star Jack Wild had a cockney accent straight out of Oliver! There's a lot of twee elements -- flutes and trumpets, skipping acoustic guitars, odes to love and friendship -- which are all the better to capture the magical fantastical elements of the Living Island, but the album really plays like a fantasia of many of the pop trends of the early '70s. It's a garishly colored, florid mélange of bubblegum, TV tunes, psychedelia, and soft pop tempered with a little bit of Californian folk-rock (after all, the one true music star here is Mama Cass Elliot, who sings "Different") and a bit of splashy Hollywood

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