Pull up bar / chin up bar / free standing / adjustable

This item is a custom built Pull up / Chin up bar.

Max height = 87" * Width = 46" (grip width is 42") Depth = 42"

Grip bar is 1 1/2" thick for the most comfortable grip.

100% Aluminum construction.

Assembles in less than 1 minute with out any tools.

Collapsible for easy transport and storage.

Bar height is adjustable.

Can hold over 350 lbs!

Aluminum will never rust!

Machined for perfect fit.

Brightly polished finish.

Made in the USA! (How often do you see that anymore?!?!)

Free Shipping - (lower 48 US States only)

*The bolts in the pictures that the grip bar rest on will be replaced with quick release pins.

The story behind my pull up/chin up bars....

My name is Troy Tapp. I am a professional welder/fabricator and I operate my own welding and fabrication shop. I love to do pull ups to stay in shape. I never liked the idea of the "door way" pull up bars. I don't want to damage my walls or trim plus I don't like the idea of working out in a door way. Since I'm a welder, I simply wanted to build my own pull up bar. I have built several pull up bars in the past for myself, friends, and family members. I even sold a few on eBay in the past.

The problem that I had with the old sytle bars that I
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