Pull Chain Military Issue Brass Rosary From WWI & WWII

What is really not to love about this brass pull-chain rosary that is Government Issued and this is the very cream of the crop when it comes to the rugged rosaries that were used in these wars, like World War I & World War II. This is actually a rosary that the government issued to all soldiers fighting in the war that wanted them. The Chaplains usually received Sterling Silver rosaries, so this was not an option for them. The rosary is great, and I really love the color on this so if it sells that is OK, but if it does not sell, I will just keep it, as I really like it that much. I try to be very calm and cool about selling my rosaries, but there are times when it is hard for me to let go of them. Then what I do is to quickly put it into the box, or envelope that I am sending it out to and put it in the mail very fast. Then I don't dwell on the rosary and just tend to forget about it. I have a rosary coming up this week that is a real deal and a rosary that is in a museum so it is "Heirloom Quality" through & through. I have proof that it is in a museum, and that it is highly sought after and hard to find anywhere. It will be starting at $1,000. so you will not be able to miss it. I sold one last year, and thought that I would not let go of it, but I did and was fortunate enough through my contacts that I have had for

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