Pulley and shaft system, leather belt style, excellent

I am selling a system of shafting and drive pulleys that came from a building that I own. Originally used to operate all the machinery in a small window and door factory. I removed this assembly totally in tact and still fully operational on March 18th 2007. I assume it was installed in the 1920's as that was when Harry MacTavish came home from the army and built his wood-working shop. As the photos show it is still in 1 piece. The 1 piece shaft is approx. 19 feet long x 1-1/2" diameter, (I'm guessing at the diameter). The pulleys vary in diameter and width. The shaft turns without binding. Bearings are probably babbit. T are 7 supports that contain the bearings. I have all the mounting bolts and nuts and even saved the leather shims that go between the mounts and the wood they were attached to. The assembly was ceiling mounted and the primary leather belt that drove the whole assembly came up from the basement, passed through the first floor and ran up to the shaft. All the other machinery (sold at auction in the late 1980's after Harry died) was mounted on the first floor and the leather belts came off this pulley system and drove the various saws, planers, etc. Harry assembled his doors and windows on the 2nd floor.

I hate to remove this wonderful piece from this nice old building but I have neither time or the brains
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