Pullip Classical Alice Orthodox Groove fashion doll in USA blue

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P roduction and design

Cheonsang Cheonha

Sale Date

May 2013
Pullip Doll Series: May 2013

Classical Alice

''EAT ME''.....
Mysterious cake, should I just try one bite....
Feel Like So.

Pullip Classical Alice is part of Groove's new Orthodox Alice series. This popular doll won first place in the doll voting held at Matsuya Ginza Department Store Event at Tokyo Japan December 2012. In response to everyone's wishes, Groove especially developed this doll. She is dressed up just like Alice wearing a big ribbon, and an elegant, nice pinafore dress. A doll stand and collector card are also included.
About Pullip:
Her eyelids can be controlled by pressing down two buttons located on the back of her head. By using a lever located between the 2 buttons, she is able to move her eyes to the left, right, and straight ahead. Pullips are about 12 inches tall (31cm) with oversized heads (on the 1/3 scale.) The body is about 9 inches tall (1:6 scale), the size of many fashion dolls such as Barbie and Jenny.

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