Pullip Kiyomi bear fairy Groove fashion doll in USA

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P roduction and design

Cheonsang Cheonha

Sale Date

May 2012
Pullip Doll Series: May 2012


Down the soda pop river...
through the ice mountain...
together with jelly bear...
I'm going to take hold of cotton candy kingdom...
Feel Like So. .

Pullip Kiyomi is a combination of stuffed Bear + the world of fairies' with a sprinkle of Sweetness - although she has big ears like a bunny on her hood. She has dazzling translucent golden eyes and her hair is done in a long sauvage hairstyle. She wears a muff, a sweet dress with lace, and her hood has a ribbon on one of the ears. A collector card and doll stand is also included.
About Pullip:
Her eyelids can be controlled by pressing down two buttons located on the back of her head. By using a lever located between the 2 buttons, she is able to move her eyes to the left, right, and straight ahead. Pullips are about 12 inches tall (31cm) with oversized heads (on the 1/3 scale.) The body is about 9 inches tall (1:6 scale), the size
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