Pullman Train- Boarding Step Stool

is a very nice step stool made of cast aluminum and marked on the top surface for the Pullman Co. This step stool was placed on the platform by the train Conductor to assist passengers in boarding the trains. It was used in actual train service and shows wear but is actually in excellent condition, with minimal damage, and I see no problems with it. It does have a few water stains or spills which should clean off, but I have made no attempt to clean it. The rubber feet are worn but still in fairly good condition and not in need of replacing. These stools are becoming scarce and all are ending up in private collections, never to be offered again, especially when in such nice condition. This is a very nice, lightweight stool which is also very strong and sturdy, and it is very handy to have around the house or in the kitchen, even for a non-railroader.