#1 - #8; Pulp Digest Back Issues; SPACE Science Fiction; 1st 8 Issues; 1952 - 53

First 8 and only issues published of pulp digest, SPACE Science Fiction ; published by Space Publications, edited by John Raymond. This Sci Fi digest features writers like Asimov, Del Rey, Kuttner, Leinster, Pratt, Simak, Merril, St. John, Damon Knight, Anderson among others. Great cover art and all 8 copies are in excellent condition; some copies look like they were never evenread. Issues are: Vol.1 No. 1, May 1952; front cover art by Orban. Small crease on lower right corner. Vol. 1 No. 2, September 1952; cover by Bergey. This copy does have a creased corner. Vol 1, No 3, November 1952; cover by Bergey Vol 1 No 4, February 1953; cover art by Ebel. Vol 1 No 5, March 1953; cover art by Hannes Bok. Vol 1 No 6, May 1953; cover by Ebel. Vol 2 No 1, July, 1953; Cover by Van Dongen Vol 2 No 2, September 1953; cover by Civiletti.

I'm selling a friend's Sci Fi collection and am not a book dealer so if I haven't addressed an issue about the magazines, please email before bidding. I will be listing several lots of vintage Science Fiction magazines and books. Unfortunately I won't be able to combine large lots for shipping because of box sizes, but will see what I can do with the smaller lots. Buyer to pay $6.00 S&H. Please email questions before bidding. Thanks.