Puppy Love (Paramount, 1919)

Puppy Love (Paramount, 1919). One Sheet (27" X 41").
This lovely one sheet is a real find. We're not aware of any other copies. The beautiful, apple-cheeked Lila Lee was only 18 when she made her second film for Jesse Lasky under the newly formed Paramount Pictures. Lasky worked his young star relentlessly in 1919, pushing his protege on a continuous publicity campaign for the eleven films she made that year. It all worked. Due to both her and Lasky's talents, she became one of the most popular and bankable silent stars, working with everyone from Gloria Swanson (Male and Female), Valentino (Blood and Sand), and, eventually, Lon Chaney in his only talkie (Unholy Three). This gorgeous portrait poster is everything you've come to expect from a pre-1920 Morgan Company stone lithograph. Originally the poster was in excellent condition, just having multiple tears throughout. There was also a hole in the bottom image. Excellent linenbacking has this one collection ready. Very Good on Linen. Grade: 40, Service No.: 1428416