Pure Dysprosium Metal Sample RARE Earth! 1.34 grams (element)

This auction is for a very nice sample-sized piece of the interesting metal Dysprosium ; purity is 99.9%. This element is part of the Rare Earth family, and it's a rare day (pun intended) you see an affordable single piece like this offered!

See the high res scan; it shows the pieces from a larger ingot that I have had on eBay (this piece is a bit rounder). The ad title describes the size of this particular piece.

I have sold on eBay Rhodium, Platinum, Uranium, Thorium (I'm out, so please don't ask!), Rhenium, Vanadium, Iridium and more...we even have a sample of Technetium in stock...but more recently, very advanced and attractively-presented element collections (some are on right now, too). That includes the Rare Earths as a complete collection. We are becoming apparently the main source on eBay of small samples of virtually every collectible element, save the gasses which we don't fiddle with. Contact me with any needs that we don't currently have listed, though we will handle everything through eBay (as per their policy!).

U.S. delivery is FREE for first class mail; please enquire about other countries before bidding! It's all Paypal now. ; I've been on eBay for 15 of their 17 years. I offer a 14 day no questions asked refund, plus I'll reimburse your shipment cost, if you don't like your purchase. Good
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