Puritan Baby Bell 1930'S Antique Slot Machine Excellent Condition Runs Perfectly

This item was listed prior to this 3 day auction, ebay pulled the listing because i did not put the disclaimer now added in the bottom of this description. to those who held interest and were watching the auction i apologize, i was unaware this disclaimer was mandatory. Here we have an amazingly mint condition Puritan baby bell antique 1930's penny slot machine. It operates flawlessly, put the penny in pull the lever and win a gum ball, if your lucky ;) the only one thing I can find wrong with this machine is the missing glass plate over the fruit reels. Fortunately that should be an easy fix. It appears as if everything is original, the mechanism, the reels, the main fruit cover, the key to the back, all is perfect. The paint is also very alive yet and in great condition! This is a rare find in such pristine condition. It has been used as display and very loved and well cared for, most of its life. I have started this auction at a low starting bid, and I let the market take it from there :)
Dimensions-10.5 tall, 9" deep, 7.5" wide.
I had this machine looked over by a slot enthusiast and he was extremely impressed. He did how ever point one thing I did not notice. The back has a tiny slot on the inside when putting the back on there is a small bracket thats slides into place. This tiny bracket is broke off but still has
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