A PURITAN HERITAGE: Presbyterian Church Horseneck CALDWELL NJ SIGNED Illustrated

A Puritan Heritage: The First Presbyterian Church in Horseneck Caldwell NJ

By Lynn G. Lockward

Signed by Author (Lynn Lockward) & Helen Lockward ( Believed to be wife of Lynn, and also starred in Play of the same name)

For sale is a rare 1st edition signed by the author of the history of Caldwell NJ tracing its roots back to The First Presbyterian Church. The book is written by Lynn G Lockward, who at the time was the father of the current Mayor of Caldwell. The book is well illustrated, featuring photographs and illustrations done by the author. Includes early maps of Caldwell on the end pages. Included is also a playbill of the play done of the history, also done by Lynn. Helen Lockward was one of the featured actors in the play and I believe Lynn's wife.

The book features the original jacket in very good condition. Has some minor tears / chipping with some discoloration to the front. There is a stamp on the back of the book ' Lynn G. Lockward 59 Crane St. Caldwell NH' so this copy very well could have been the author's personal copy, which was then gifted by his wife to a Miss Galloway. Very clean book with clean interior. Slight split on the front interior hinge, but minor.


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