Puritan Painted Antique Treadle Sewing Machine - NR

WORKING Antique PURITAN treadle sewing machine from the Charles Williams Stores of New York City.

Comes with a box full of attachments. Hand - Painted (or decals?) Egyptican / Art Deco styling in gold is in excellent condition. I'm not sure w to look for the date, but I'm thinking it to be late 1800's, early 1900's. This is important:

This sewing machine DOES NOT COME WITH THE CABINET .

I disassembled the machine from its quartered oak cabinet so I could hide my wine bottles in a case. It should be easy enough to assemble this machine onto the many, many inexpensive iron tables readily available to purchase seperately. Or, you could make me an outrageous offer to buy the case seperately (all through Ebay of course) and we can deal with the nightmare of shipping oversized items. I doubt it is worth it as I have attempted to ship a similar size piece of furniture and the DHL estimate was still $120-150.00.

I know t are a lot of these machines for sale, but none as beautiful as this. We have kept it for years for no good reason except it is pretty (and functional during a power outage....) but this smaller house does not allow for luxury pieces of furniture. It was IDEAL FOR VINTAGE GUEST BEDROOM.

S/H: Now to ship the heavy, but manageable sewing machine should be much less. BUYER TO PAY
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