Purple Christmas Decorations and Ornaments tree decor +

This is my entire purple christmas collection. I have ornaments, decorations and a tree topper. It ranges in colors from plum purple to a frosty lavendar. This is an amazing lot! I loved my purple themed christmas! My husband however is a traditional red and green kind of guy. I heard all about it when I did our tree in purple! He said the purple had to go! No floofy stuff on our tree! So, 's a great opportunity for someone wanting an entire new look for christmas. This stuff cost litterly hundreds. Most of it came from walmart. It was I think the 2004 or 2005 line. I used it one christmas and it's been stored neatly away since then. We are a smoke free pet free home, so you don't have to worry about that! It's going to be hard to list every single thing but I will. Everything is in perfect like new condition unless otherwise noted. The pictures can't begin to do this stuff justice! It's so beautiful in person. Some of the ornaments are dark grey - light grey, and some are an icey-blue color, but it doesn't scream blue, just has a bluish tint and matches nicely with the purple and grey. It all look fantastic on my tree (I thought!)

Tree Topper- Star shaped frosty lavender, with lots of glitter and glam! Fluffy white plumes of marabou in the center Easily slides on top of tree. Star Measures 10"x 10". The base and all measures
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