Purple DESERT DELTA Side Notch 5/8" Columbia River Bird Gem Point Arrowhead

Hello. You are bidding on this gorgeous little 5/8" Desert Delta arrowhead. Overall good condition. Stunning purple/lavender Jasper point! Another Columbia river find. The other group photos are all the items I'll be listing in the coming days ( or are currently listed). And the vintage photos are for reference. My Mother is the oldest/tallest child in the last black/white photo with my Grandfather ( in the hat). I am in the red pants ( sitting by the fossil).
All artifacts were legally obtained over 50 years ago. None were taken from private property without the owners permission. None on Federal lands. No caves were explored or illegal activity in the process of obtaining these artifacts for sale. These have all been inherited from a large estate collection of Clifford Brault.
My Grandfather at one time, had one of the largest collections of Artifacts in Oregon. He belonged to the Oregon Archaeologists association, and he and my Grandmother were artifact hunters/collectors for years (when it was legal to surface hunt the Eastern Oregon Deserts and the Columbia river valley in the 1920's - 1940's. Later in the early 1960's, I got to go with them a few times to the Columbia River ( that's me in the blue jacket). Loved looking for "pretty rocks." My Grandparents always had permission from land owners, to go to the spots they
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