Purple Fluorite Cluster Selenite 7.56 oz. Mineral Specimen Crystal Last Ones

Purple Fluorite cluster with selenite. 7.56 oz. One of the last 2 mineral specimens from this collection. F rom the Alwin Fogg collection of Poughkeepsie ,NY. He was a founding member of the Mid-Hudson Valley Gem & Mineral Society which was a club in Poughkeepsie, started in the late 1960s with The Foggs and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gerbino. Mr Fogg served as President of the MHVGMS for several years into the 1970s. The Fogg Family also owned a pyrite mine in Poughkeepsie. Comes with any original labels as pictured. I will be selling off many pieces from this extraordinary collection over the next few months, maybe years. If you were looking for any rock in particular please just ask. Priority mail in the USA is $5.80 for as many items will fit in the box. Good luck. Thank you