Purple Lepidolite Crystal Rock Mineral Specimen Stone

Lepidolite Crystal Rock Mineral Specimen

A very sparkly piece of purple Lepidolite with crystals of Hatchettolite.

Lepidolite is an uncommon mica that only in the past decade has become available on the mineral market in large quantities (recently, however, its availability once again has become limited). This gemstone is a by-product of the mining of lithium and owes its color to lithium's proximity.

The name lepidolite is from the Greek word lepidos , meaning scale, because lepidolite normally appears scaly. Its color is violet to pale pink or white and, rarely, gray or yellow. It often contains black markings.

This piece comes from an old collection and was found in the Harding Mine in Taos County, New Mexico.

It is 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches and it stands about 1.5 inches high. Back looks the same as the front!

Metaphysical Properties: Lepidolite is most effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry, and setting one on the path of willing acceptance.

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