A nice looking purple 11o yr old food jar with original lid patented in 1898....

The bottle or jar itself is unembossed.....8 sided....hand blown with flared out wide mouth.....very pretty amethyst glass....5 1/4"tall....

The glass lid has a "worm" shaped sunken groove on top.... PATD JANY 11TH 1898 embossed on underside so that you can read the date from the top of lid.

Both, the jar and lid are in EXCELLENT NEAR MINT CONDITION with no chips or damage. Nice and clean with no haze. This jar probably had relish, mustard or some kind of food product.

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The beautiful amethyst or purple color of this glass is a result of the presence of manganese in the glass, which was a decolorizer to turn the glass clear. Glass that contains manganese, when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun or other sources of UV rays, causes the glass to turn amethyst. Some of my amethyst bottles and glass are purpled from years of exposure to natural sunlight. Others have been purpled with the use of strong UV lights in a box…and some have been purpled by a process called “irradiation”, which is a safe
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