PURPLE TEST AUTO 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Andre Dawson Montreal Expos

This is an EXTREMELY rare test auto issue. As you can see from the scans below, there is no autograph on the front, as it was just part of a test run done by Fleer/Skybox. This is the purple border version, which is the short-printed version.

I'm not sure they even released an SP version for each card in the set, but I did a search of 800 items from this set on ebay (on 6/20/13) and out of 800 items, there was only ONE purple border version, which is a Nolan Ryan that was hand-numbered on the back of the card. So I believe that all of these were to be hand-numbered as well.

The card is printed on regular card stock, and the front and back are complete (with the exception of the autograph, of course), and it doesn't have the embossed Fleer mark of authenticity, either. The front has a matte finish for signature purposes and back is glossy UV coating. The card is slightly larger than a standard card, by about 1/8" taller and wider, but still fits into a standard toploader.

Also, there are 9 cards that were never released as part of the regular set, so this is most likely the first time they are being offered up for purchase! In fact, all of them from this test set are most likely one of a kind items.

Don't miss your only chance to add this one to your collection.

It was not inserted into any pack,
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