Pushkalavati, Large AE 1 1/2 Karshapana, BC 185

This is a copper 1 ½ Karshapana, 21.5 x 21 mm in size and weighing 12.34 grams, from the autonomous north Indian/Pakistan region of Pushkalavati. This is an issue from after the fall of the Mauryan Empire, circa BCE 185-160. The obverse has an elephant facing right with a hill symbol above, while the reverse has a lion facing left with a swastika above and hill symbol to the left. The lion is a raised image in an incuse or recessed square. I would grade the coin a decent near VF on a large flan. The elephant and lion are strong, while the hill symbol is partially off the flan and the swastika symbol is not very distinct. It is Mitchiner (Ancient and Classical World) 4401, a nice early Indian copper.

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