PUTNAM LEATHER GOLD Black Leather Biker Jacket. Size 46

What It Is Black Leather Jacket Description/Type World Wide PLG (Putnam Leather Gold) DETAILS FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA. Make sure to check out the condition section. Black Leather Biker Jacket World Wide PLG Putnam Leather Gold Size 46 3 zippered pockets (outside) 1 Snap pocket (outside) 1 pocket inside (left-hand side) Snaps on the collar/vest part (4) Snaps on each shoulder Zippers on each sleeve Buckle type belt on front Leather loop sewn into collar area to hang it on a hook. CONDITION

Looks great!!! But if you look at it closely.....

.... you'll be able to see some wear.

Everything written is on close examination of the jacket,

meaning nothing I'm describing is easily noticed:

The leather is in real good shape,

but t are a few scuffs and wear to it.... but no tears or rips.

The buckle area on the right side.... see that loop that the buckle goes through?....

.... the threads are getting weak. It should be sewn to reinforce the stitching

that holds that loop on.

The inside of the coat has more wear to it than the outside,

but it is still in good shape too.


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