Putt Mossman Grace Conrad Stunt Photo's In Brass Locket

Putt Mossman Grace Conrad Stunt Photo's In Brass Locket This Piece Was Carried By Grace For 30 Years Incredible From A Historical And Emotional Perspective This Is The Single Most Valuable Putt and Grace Piece I've Sold. Spikes Dog Was Shot By His Neighbor And The Vet Bills Forced Him To Part With A Few Items He Would Rather Have Held. I Payed Him What He Needed For The Dog. This Brass Compact Holds Was Designed To Hold 10 Photo's The Size Vending Machines Print. Grace Placed 13 Pics 8 Photo's Of That Size Plus 5 Smaller. The Photo's Fold Out And Are In Order (1) Putt Riding With Grace Hanging In Front Of The Bike (2) Grace's Favorite Dog (I forget her name but I'll ask Spike) she Had Many Over her life (3)Double Stunt With Grace On Putts Shoulders (4) Another Of The Double Stunt With Putt Riding And Grace On His shoulders (5) Putt Standing On The Seat Of A Harley Doing 40mph Juggling Eggs....On The Other Side Now (6) Putt And Grace Each With One Foot And One Hand On The Bike The Other Waving!! (7) A "Loose" Indian Doing 40 With Putt Dragging Behind (8) Putt Blindfolded Riding (9) Putt Standing On An Indian Shooting A Pistol!! (10)The Ladder Stunt Putt Climbs Up And Over And Around 6 Rung Ladder mounted To Rear Of Harley Davidson (11) Motorcycle Fire Wall Stunt!! (12) A Photo Of Putt Mossman In The MARINES dated 1943/44 and (

A Little More History On These Pieces...Spike Who I Purchased This Collection From In Pieces Over The Last Few Weeks Is The Grand Nephew Of Grace Conrad (His Beloved Aunt Gracie) Who Was An Incredible Woman As Well As Daredevil And Speed Rider Of The Early Days Of Motorcycles. She Was Also The Lover Of Putt Mossman Who Literally Collected World Records In Riding, Horseshoes, The High Kick...Crazy Stuff. Putt Had His Own Daredevil Motorcycle Stunt And Speed Show And Toured With A Bevy Of Beautiful Female Stunt Riders Worldwide. Go Cart Racing Was Very Dear To Him As Well And He Spent Several Years At Lea So. England In The 30's To Try To Revive Interest In The Sport. Putt Jumped Cars Motorcycles People Rivers You Name It And Claimed He Could Do It Because He refrained From The Use Of Alcohol And Tobacco. When Mary Grace Conrad Passed Away In he Early 70's It was Spike Who Was Tasked With Cleaning Out Her House And It Was He Who Maintained The Collection Until Now. This Is An Absolutely Mind Boggling Find. This Is A Once In A Lifetime Collection You Snooze You Lose On These!!!

OK, Very Exciting Collection T Is A Lot To Say So Please Bear With Me...I Just Acquired This Collection From The Nephew Of Grace Conrad Who Was A Pioneer Among Women Riders She Was Also An Assistant To Putt Mossman Infamous World Record Collector And Motorcycle Daredevil Showman (Herself A Very Formidable Stunt and Daredevil Rider, She Performed The "Wall Of Flame" Stunt As Well As Shot From The Back Of A Bike) From The Early Days Of Riding. Grace Was One Of The Founding Members Of The AMA (Her Founders Pin Is On Auction) In The 40's And Continued To Ride As A Member On The Tour Circuits For Decades. I Will Be Including A Copy Of Her AMA Membership Cards As A Personal COA To The Provenance Of These Pieces With Every Winning Bid As Belonging To The Grace Conrad Collection. In Addition To Her AMA And Harley Pins Grace Also Toured With Putt On The Go Cart Circuit Of The 30's And 40's And Included Are Her Own Enamel Pins. Absolutely Incredible Museum Quality Collection Every One Purchased Personally From Her And Putt's Nephew. Every Piece In Near Mint Condition Many On Original Cards

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