Here is a very nice Pyle National K2 steam turbine generator unit. I picked this up from a friend of mine through some horse trading. I don't know a whole lot about this thing but I have learned a little. These were used on locomotives, steam traction engines, steam powered boats and other applications where a there was steam and the need for electricity. I have not had this hooked up to air or steam but I am pretty sure it is ready to work just fine. I did hook it up to a battery charger and set it for 12 volts, 10 amps and it spun just fine. I tried to feel for play in the shaft but there is absolutly none. Everything looks to be in great shape and ready to use. There is a little chip out of small plastic knob for adjusting one of the brush springs but that is very minor and I think a new one could be had as a reproduction. Other than that little thing there are no cracks, breaks, or welds that I can see or know of. There are a few different coats of paint on it, I think it originaly may have been painted silver.

When I first bought this unit it was missing the brush springs. I did some checking around and found out there is a company that makes about every part for this thing. They are not cheap but where else are you going to get the stuff. The man I talked to on the phone stated they sold rebuilt units just like this
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