PYONGYANG NORTH KOREA 1913 City Map Heijo Korean War

Antique 1913 Japanese Railway Map
City of Heijo (Pyongyang)
North Korea
(Korea under Japanese Rule) Shipping Info
Description We do not sell reproductions or copies. All items that we sell are authentic antiques and not recent copies or reproductions. They are original to the publication identified and were printed on or about the date listed.

DATE PRINTED: 1913 (Based on date book was printed).

ORIGIN: Removed from the book "An Official Guide to Eastern Asia: Manchuria and Chosen", prepared by the The Imperial Japanese Government Railways, Tokyo, Japan.

SIZE: 11 1/2 inches x 9 1/4 inches.

CONDITION: Map has several folds from being folded into the book. Map is blank on the reverse.

DESCRIPTION: This exceptionally detailed map depicts local topography, streets, landmarks, and primary buildings with all information appearing in English.

HISTORICAL NOTES : Pyongyang , Chin. Pingyang, Jap. Heijo, capital of North Korea, SW North Korea, on a high bluff above the Taedong River. It is a special city with the status of province. Pyongyang fell c.1594 to the Japanese, who hoped to use it as a base for an invasion of China, but who then destroyed the city. Japanese invaders again devastated Pyongyang in 1894 and 1904. It became the capital of North Korea in 1948.

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