PYREX FLAMEWARE complete WORKING 6 cup PERCOLATOR w/ glass handle lid stem 7756

Offered for sale is a vintage (midcentury) Pyrex FLAMEWARE 6 cup percolator, model 7756. It was made in the U.S.A. It was made to use on a gas stove (hence the name Flameware) and a diffuser should be used if it's to be heated on an electric range. It comes complete with the glass pot, removable glass handle, glass lid with round center knob, glass stem, and glass percolator basket. The removable top and bottom of the basket are made of aluminum, and the band that holds the handle in place is stainless steel, but everything else is made of heat-resistant PYREX glass. The lid has two glass tabs that serve to lock it in place when brewing or serving. The tabs must be aligned with the spout to allow the lid to be removed.
The percolator measures appx. 5 inches (12.7cm) in diameter across the top, and stands 6 inches tall to the rim without the lid in place. A U.S. quarter is shown in the first two pictures to give an accurate impression of the size at a glance. Picture 4 shows the raised-relief mark on the bottom. The text reads:

7756 - B 6 CUP
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This percolator is in great condition for its age. It's free from chips, cracks, and most scratches. There is no lime scale or detergent damage. There are a few tiny bubbles sealed inside the glass, which is
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