Pyrex Turquoise Robins Egg Blue Refrigerator Dish Set 0503, 0502, 0501, 6 Pieces

This set of dishes includes one large 1 1/2 quart #0503, one loaf shaped one #0502 and one small dish #0501 all with fully ribbed lids as seen in the first & last picture. They are marked on the bottom Trade Mark Pyrex Made in USA Ovenware. I'll first say the color on these is nice, bright and not faded. It is a turquoise to robins egg blue. They do not show heat or staining from use, I do not see any actual utensil marks in them, the large one has some scratching that looks more like manufacturing or maybe some scratches from a dish sitting inside of it. There are some spots of color loss when held up to the light and some roughness and/or chips to the lids. Following is a description of each: Large #0503 - 3 dots and one 1/8 inch scratch of color loss, a couple of dark 14 inch marks on the bottom edge, the lid has some roughness, there is a spot that probably is a nick or flea bite in the glass on the inside rim otherwise the roughness may be manufacturing. Medium #0502 has spots of loss of color on all 4 corners and some on the sides-some of these can be seen without holding it up to the light and some seen when held up to the light. There are a couple of small rough spots on the bottom rim that I cannot tell if it is manufacturing or flea bites. There is roughness around the edges of the lid, 3 or 4 probably are flea bites ... read more