Pyrite multi ammonite fossil Crucilobiceras 16mm Charmouth UK stunning jewellery

This auction is for a nice example of a highly pyritised multi ammonite fossil of the species Crucilobiceras densinodulum from the world famous Jurassic Coast beach of Charmouth, Dorset UK. The fossil measures 16mm (5/8 of an inch ) across. There are 4 ammonites interestingly preserved in a little cluster and the whole piece has a wonderful golden colour and shine. Around 195 million years old, this fossil would make a wonderful addition to any collection.

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Pyrite is a form of iron which sometimes occurs as a replacement mineral during the fossilisation process, depending on conditions in the sediment at the time in which the process takes place as well as the composition of the creature being preserved. It has the appearence of gold which is why it is commonly known as 'fool's gold'. Pyrite ammonites only occur in very specific and limited locations around the world and ones from Charmouth are just about the most famous of
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