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Approved / Endorsed

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Note: This is the original patented
PYROFLITE TM Bat Warmer that is sold in all of the major catalogs and sporting goods stores across the nation! Beware of imitations claiming to do what the PYROFLITE TM Microwaveable Bat Warmer can do!
MORE consistency
ELIMINATE pain LONGER bat life

MORE CONSISTENCY: Become the Home Run King of your team or league!
Would you pay $50 for better hitting consistency? With the Microwavable Pyroflite Bat Warmer Sleeve heating up their game, hitters across the country say the same thing time and time again, "Wow! A hot bat on a cold day!" Anyone who truly understands hitting knows the importance of a flexible bat. Why? A flexible bat, especially in cool weather, will allow a player to maintain better hitting consistency. Imagine the confidence you will gain knowing every time you step up to the plate the Pyroflite Bat Warmer Sleeve has provided the warmth your bat needs to operate in a safe & sound way, & make you feel like you are playing on a warm sunshiny after day, night after night! For more info visit .

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