Qing dy Official Stamp Seal Many Flower Script Words

Qing dy Official Stamp Seal Many Flower Script Words

the bottom is about 63mmX61mm, 43mm high.


TO USA and Canada (we'll provide other area's shipping cost based on locality):

EMS: $22, 6-7 business days.

AIRMAIL: $10, 14-15 business days. ãee

Combine shipping:

To save shipping cost, combined shipment is offered, which depends on the total weight of multiple items.

such as, 2 coins need $9 by airmail, 3 coins need $10 by airmail, 4 or 5 coins need $12 by airmail! 6 coins need $13, 7 coins need $14........if 50 coins need $34......100 coins need $45.....

the coins we mentioned are common size, 35mm in diameter or smaller. biggers may add a little cost!


--Paypal prefered!

we'll send the item within 7 days(one week) after we receive the payment!

100% refund in case items are not satisfied for any reasons.


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