QMx Colonial Blackbird Artisan Replica (Battlestar Galactica) No. 14 of 40

Quantum Mechanix Colonial Blackbird Artisan Replica 1:20 Scale (Number 14 of 40)
Description from QMx: Hand Made in the U.S.A. The House Edition Blackbird, like all our Artisan replicas, will be built to order with the same exacting attention to detail and authenticity you've come to expect from the QMx Artisan line. Your handcrafted Blackbird will be 100 percent made in the U.S.A by trained Hollywood model-effects experts. This is not a mass-produced, high-end toy manufactured overseas. This is a professional film-quality miniature, built to the same standards demanded by visual-effects animators. The Blackbird is comprised of more than 120 components. All 40 replicas come with a brass and aluminum numbered plaque signed by actor Aaron Douglas, who played Chief Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica. As a special bonus, We are including a laser-etched display case, complete with a diorama base, an equipment crane and two diagnostic stations. Dimensions Ship 13 in long x 6.75 in wide x 3.25 in high 33.02 cm long x 17.15 cm wide x 8.26 cm high Display Case 16.5 in long x 9.5 in wide x 5.25 in high 41.91 cm long x 24.13 cm wide x 13.34 cm high Materials Ship Polyresin, enamel paints, polystyrene, brass. Display Case MDF, FRP, aluminum plaque.