QUADTRAX "Tarantula" Remote Control Vehicle by MGA

QUADTRAX "Tarantula" Remote Control Vehicle by MGA


Gently Pre-Owned and in Excellent Condition!

Marketed by MGA Entertainment as late as 2004 these rare R.C vehicles are no longer made, stocked or sold anyw as far as I can tell. These don't have a lot of speed but have a tremendous amount of torque and look like a slightly smaller version of a police type remote robot vehicle. I understand these are popular in Australia w t used as the basis (base?) for robots. This vehicle comes with a 49 Megaherz controller and measures at it's smallest (folded size - as seen in the photos) 20"L x 19"W x 8"H. Though this comes complete with battery pack and Tyco charger, I understand you can still get replacement parts and batteries from MGA. A unique gift idea for the robotic inventor or the child (up to age 95 ;-) in your family.

From MGA Entertainment website:

Why waste your time with an R/C that CLAIMS to go anyw, when you can have one that goes EVERYW? Tarantula™ is the latest in go-anyw R/C vehicles -- it doesn’t just drive, it CLIMBS! With its foldable arms and unique tread design, Tarantula™ will go anyw in your house or backyard, including UP THE STAIRS! This innovative full-function R/C takes radio-control w it has never gone before!


• Tarantula™ R/C Vehicle
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