Up for auction is a great carved QUAIL fetish by Zuni Pueblo artisan STEPHEN LONJOSE . This fine piece stands just about 2&7/8 inches tall and about 1/2 inch wide (looking from the front). It is carved from a beautiful piece of Picasso Marble that has many shades of gray in it and a little bit of brown. A great feature of this fetish are the eyes. The eyes are inlaid turquoise and give this fetish an almost whimsical appearance. T is a lot of etching on this fetish that gives this bird a very "featd" look. The artist has initialed this piece on the bottom twice with the initials "SL" and "Zuni". This is a very unique carving! You don't see too many pieces by this artist.

This is an authentic Native American hand-carved item and comes direct from the Zuni Pueblo in northern New Mexico.

In Zuni Indian tradition, each animal is believed to have innt powers or qualities that may aid the owner of a fetish carved in the image of that animal. The Quail symbolizes the sacred spirit, the ceremonial and the holy.

Condition: NEW

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