Quality 2x RCA (Male Phono) to 3.5mm jack stereo Lead Cable 6m 20ft


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Sick of getting set up only to find your cables don't work? Looking for a High Quality Audio cable that will last?

Then we have the answer right here for you! The Boston Pro Audio Cables offer some of the best cables available on the market today. Covered by aÊ lifetime warranty , these cables are made using fully gold plated metal connectors - to aid conductivity, and high quality noiseless oxygen-free copper cable, to ensure they last and you get the best possible sound. Cheap leads lastÊ no time at all Êin the real world! We've been using these leads for years now, and have absolutely zero problems to report!

Notice the design of these cables is near identical to the leading brand? Why pay a fortune for the name when you can have virtually the samecable at a fraction of the price!

In a nutshell

Lifetime warranty Noiseless Oxygen-free copper cable - anything else is bad news Quality connectors Gold Plated Terminals

Snap them up before they're all gone! Get Connected!

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