Quality Isleta Pueblo Indian Pottery ~STELLA TELLER

Stella Teller is one of the finest potters from the Isleta Pueblo. I am offering this older hand-coiled, hand-painted small bowl signed, S. Teller, Isleta, N.M. Stella Teller, an award winning potter, was born in 1929 and is cited in many publications such as Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery by Berger and Schiffer, Southern Pueblo Pottery by Schaaf, and Southern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni by Hayes and Blom, among others. Her pottery is found in many collections worldwide. The bowl is approximately 1.75 inches high and 2.25 inches wide; it is in very good condition. A label is on the bottom which I did not attempt to remove. This offer is a great buy and a fine addition to your Native American collection of pottery; a "must" for collectors of quality Native American pottery. I would be pleased to answer any question concerning this item. This is a quality piece of Isleta pottery. As always, if you receive an item which you believe is not as described, please notify me and I will be pleased to refund the full purchase price upon return of the item. I value my customers! Shipping/handling $6.50.