Fine Quality Pheasant Gomez Handmade Burgund Leather EMS Tubed Cigar Travel Case

You are bidding on a Fine High Quality Pheasant by R.D. Gomez Handmade Leather Cigar Travel Case NEW OLD STOCK.
Fabulous quality zipped cigar travel case. Pheasant by R.D.Gomez.
Comes exactly as shown with 12 EMS empty telescopic cigar tubes and black plastic cigar cutter.
Having a clear out of some New Old Stock from my store, item does not come boxed.
A great place to store your cigars, at home on a book shelf and for when travelling.
Finished in supreme quality Dark Burgundy Wine leather and lined with Pheasant's Special StayFresh fabric.
Measures 250mm x 200mm x 55mm.
Thank You.
R.D. Gomez leather goods come from a long tradition of proud craftsmanship. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation since the first Iberian goats hides were crudely fashioned into pouches and wallets. Today R.d. Gomez represents one of the finest leather houses in the world. The skins used in fashioning our goods are naturally tanned and dyed and are of the highest grades of calf, kid and reptile available in the world. R.D. Gomez leather is never heavily ironed to conceal imperfections, so therefore, it is immune to cracking or peeling. Every finished item is always oft and supple and will become even more so with use. With the trend of industry constantly leaning towards more
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