Quarter Million Dollar Game Soccer Foosball Table

is the Foosball table that started it all. It is a Lee Peppard Quarter Million Dollar Tournament Soccer table. Foosball was taking hold in the US in 1969. Most tables were either Rene Pierre from France, or Deuster Meister of Germany. A gentleman by the name of Lee Peppard, realizing the popularity of foosball in the US, started a national tournament w all of the state winners played for large cash prizes. Lee first tried to get the US distributor of the Rene Pierre tables to supply their tables for the tournament. They refused to get involved, so Peppard designed his own tables for his tournaments, thus the Quarter Million Dollar Game table. This let the players know that t was big money to be won. The Quarter Million Dollar tour started in the Seattle Open on Jan. 4, 1975 in Orcas Room at Seattle Center, and blasted off from t with a multi city tour. This table is one of the few survivors of the foosball craze that probably had your own dad playing it in bars and arcades. This table is in fantastic condition for its age. The wood is nice and so is the playing surface. It is complete with 7 vintage balls. All of the players are present. All it really needs is the slide rods cleaned up and re- chromed, t is some pitting starting on them. It'd be hard to find another one in this good of condition. It is complete with an ash tray on ... read more