Quarter scale dollhouse miniature garden in Lanai by Mary Kinloch IGMA fellow

This is a 1/4 scale garden lanai that is all hand made. No kit used for lanai. The brick I made from sculpey using a brick mold that I made. There are 5 potted plants in Braxton Payne terra cotta pots. The plants are all hand made by me from my laser designs that have been cut on acid free Japanese art paper. There is a palm, iris, hollyhock, hanging house plant, arrangement on table and morning glory vine that is attached. Nothing else is glued down so you can arrange as desired. The plants will all be packed separate. There is a table and 2 chairs that were kits by Karen Benson. The base of the lanai is 3 inches by 2 inches and is 2 inches tall. This is packed in a hard plastic container with a note to remove so as not to be damaged. This little lanai will make a nice addition to a quarter scale home. All items pictured are included.