Quartz-Sandstone Concretion!!!!!

"A Very Rare Concretion Indeed"! Especially from this area!! This is a one of a kind! Mythical as a Moqui ball or not! It weighs three pounds. Its diameter is 12-1/2" inches. around !!! Yes it is totally round in all directions. Just like a baseball. And is 3-7/8" inches across. I came across a few of these in Southern Nevada. A few miles from the Colorado river! Some were round. Some were oblong. Some were double. Some were triple! They are very hard! And cut alot harder than a Moqui ball. Which is similar, minus the iron oxide. I dug this out of a mountain of silt sand. I have talked with a geologist about this concretion. And his words were, they dont look like most of the usual concretions that I have seen! His guess without analyizing it was a make up of calcite, ankerite, quartz crystals silica. The outside zone near the surface, seems to contain the pattern of black "dendrites" mineral growth of manganese oxides! And are millions of years old. NOTE: The one picture is of one that I cut in half. Showing the dendrites. And possibly a small fossil or matter inside, which sometimes triggers the start of the formation! I looked under a microscope, and it seems to have alot of (my guess, quart crystals with different color granules and silica ). And at a fare price concidering its Rarity.! But "Whats one mans loss is anouther

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